Art imitating life.

Miles run yesterday: 4.5

Gluten-full meals I have eaten since Saturday: 8

Minutes I have had alone all summer: 3

I am not a loner.

Much has been made about all writers being introverts. I am not one.

However, and this is a big however, I do need at least a tiny pocket of time alone here and there. Since the kids got out of school, we have had one social outing after another. We have been to the lake, the pool, the ocean (are you sensing a theme here?), and spent time with two sets of grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends and neighbors.

I am afraid that my brain has stopped working.

Has your brain ever stopped working? Please send examples so I don’t feel so alone. Oh, wait. I don’t feel alone because I’m not alone. Ever.

No one is knocking on the door to my office, so I am going to quickly thank two awesome blogger friends for awards they were gracious enough to pass along.

Thank you to JM McDowell for the Thanks for Writing Award. JM is a thoughtful writer who has a wonderful series about beta readers and editing. She also blogs about her archaeological day job. She is like a blogging Indiana Jones, and I love Indiana Jones.

I’m not one for rules, and truly, I give out so many personal details on this blog, the award givers are probably hoping I will withhold 7 things about myself instead of doling them out. So here are a few blogs that deserve a Thanks for Writing shout out:

Josh Mosey: I discovered Josh’s blog recently. He writes about writing. And plus, he has a baby on the way, so that’s two super-exciting reasons you should check in to see what he’s up to.

Robin Coyle: Robin blogs about all things writing. She’ll help you clean up your manuscript by getting rid of all the weak words. In fact, in some cases, you may not have any words left over. She also posts cool photos of things like libraries cooler than those in your neighborhood and black-and-white pics of bygone authors.

4amwriter: Kate is a writer. She not only writes about being a mom and writing at ungodly hours of the morning but also posts on Limebird Writers, a nifty bunch of writers who give tips, talk about writing dilemmas, etc.

And thank you to Terrilee Clarke at Run.Dog.Cat.Me. Terrilee is one of the funniest bloggers around, and not only am I one day going to move next door to her so we really can talk over the fence, but I may confiscate her Grandma Alice for my own gene pool.

So many blogs inspire me. But here are a few not to miss:

The Wanderlust Gene: Being a homebody myself, I am inspired by images from all around the world. Can you imagine living in Sri Lanka and seeing elephants wandering the streets? This blog has the most gorgeous photos and musings. A must-see.

The Poe Log: By inspiring, I mean inspiring me to laugh. She is so funny and posts lots of things about reality television. A seriously good laugh.

Eggton: I’ve probably said it before, but you will laugh out loud when you read her stuff. Plus, she posts hilarious photos of her dogs and yummy recipes, too!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love to blog, and I’m very thankful to have people who read my words. I appreciate any time you have spent at Writing by the Numbers.