When Life Sends You a Fur Ball

Meet Sushi Woodman.

Meet Sushi Woodman.

Miles run Saturday: 8.5

Loads of laundry completed today: 4

Walks I have been on in addition to running in the past two days: 4

“I think she’s gifted. We may need to have her evaluated.”

There I sat in the exam room with her on my lap, legs curled up cozily on my work skirt. My husband looked on adoringly, not sure whether he should play along.

“I mean, she already knows so much. She’s special,” I said, petting her head.

The vet tech nodded and smiled and tilted her head to the side, trying to assess how to approach us. “She does seem very special.” Nod. Then we get the kind of look one gives a wild animal when you want to help them but are unsure if they will bite you if you reach out your hand. “Let’s just get her up here on the table.”

“We love her. We think she’s amazing,” my husband said. He stroked her head and talked super-silly baby talk while she lapped at his cheek.

There was a long pause.

“We do have children. I mean, real children,” I said. “Two.”

The vet tech raised her eyebrows. “Are they… jealous?”


I had a vague plan to get a dog. One day. The day when the house seemed too quiet, the kids had moved out, the hours stretched in front of me as I read the paper and planned my next trip to Tahiti.

But for the past year, our son had been campaigning. Pleading. Cajoling. Telling us in agonizing detail about every dog he met.

I really didn’t need another thing to take care of. I have trained two children on how to use the potty. And they have done it without my help for many years now. I’m not going to lie: it’s blissful.

This summer I realized that it wasn’t fair to get the dog only after the kids left. So I started researching dogs. I showed my husband all manner of dog: big, small, furry, hyper and barky, strong and silent. He was unmovable. Nope. No can do. No dog.

But then I brought up a German shepherd. He loves them. Then I mentioned a German shepherd/lab mix. “Perfect!” he said. It was a theoretical “perfect.” He just didn’t expect that a rescue puppy would turn up THE VERY NEXT DAY.

The kids and I sat on my bed and oohed at her and her siblings on the doggie rescue website. My husband walked in, and I turned the laptop screen towards him. “That’s our puppy.”

He didn’t believe it.

A local police officer had rescued three puppies from behind a church. They had their first shots, they were free; he just wanted to find them good homes.

Four days later, we picked up our puppy.

Guess who is her biggest fan?


We are all proud to welcome Sushi to our family. She may be a doggie-school dropout (more on that later), but we love her anyway.

If you think you can handle the cuteness, drop by my work Facebook site and vote for Sushi dressed up for Halloween as SuperGirl. Vote for her animal pals demoralized by their owners. And “Like” our Facebook page just for fun.

Drop on by and check out the Boo Crew. Vote for your favorite. Then share your best dog/cat/rabbit story with me. http://on.fb.me/1clw6PO

I hope you and yours have a happy, safe, fun Halloween!


8 thoughts on “When Life Sends You a Fur Ball

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    Oh, she’s fantastic! I wish we could have a dog. We had one for 8 days several years ago, but then my husband found out he was allergic to her–not just a little allergic, but a positive-test-at-the-allergist and need-an-inhaler allergic. The boys were so sad to have to return her. It wasn’t a happy time in the Rubin household. 😦

    Enjoy your new family member. Hope all is well!

  2. Bernie Brown says:

    I’ve never wanted a dog because I don’t want the responsibility; but I must say, little dogs, the really little ones that stay little, just steal my heart away. We met one in a store on our mountain trip whose name was Jack. He was wearing a sweater with “Jack” on it. So cute. I’d like to know a dog like that so I could visit it regularly. 🙂

  3. 4amWriter says:

    Sweetie! We have a rescue dog, an English setter, and she is very good with the kids and well-behaved. But I know what you mean about having to take care of another thing. Dogs are a lot of work as far as needing the attention. I find cats to be much easier. Have fun with your gifted baby!

  4. Oh, Sushi is a cutie, that’s for sure!

    But lemme get this straight. You have time to take care of a dog, but no time to regularly update your blog? For SHAME!

  5. David Gentry says:

    Cute post, as usual. I can’t wait to meet Sushi, the supremely gifted pup!

    Love, Dad

  6. jmmcdowell says:

    Oh, what a cutie is Sushi! I bet even Meghan Bode couldn’t resist that adorable face. ; ) Do please tell us about the doggie school (mis?)adventures!

    Someday, we’ll get one, too. When we’re retired and have time to spend with him/her during the day as well as evenings. Until then, though, we’ll enjoys our friends’ and families’ four-legged children.

  7. I demand that you keep blogging!

    Ahem. Pretty please?

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